Non-ferrous metals

* retail price is up to 500 kg (one position);
* the wholesale price is since 501 kg (one position);
* we pay immediately in the way you prefer;
* prices are subject to change due to the fluctuations in the metal markets.

You can contact our manager for more information: +370 699 17687        

  TITLE Retail price
€ / ton
€ / ton
  Aluminium scrap, wires (buy only from legal entities)

  Aliminium scrap, food
  Aluminium AD
  Aluminium wheels
  Aluminium scrap, casting
  Aluminium scrap, tin
  Al/Cu radiators
  Aluminium scrap, radiators from the cars (clear)
  Aluminium scrap, shaves
  Aluminium scrap, cans
  Copper scrap
  Copper scrap, auto wires
  Bronze scrap
  Pewter bronze