Purchase of hazardous waste

Some hazardous waste is purchased from the organizations and people. Hazardous waste means waste with dangerous properties that may adversely affect the environment and human health. We purchase the following hazardous waste generated at home:

  • consumed lead – acid batteries;
  • alkaline batteries;
  • batteries;
  • shock absorbers;
  • oil filters, air filters.

Battery is chemical juice or current source and its work could be restored after the discharging. During the cycle of discharging and charging the battery loses its power to accumulate energy and we can just nothing to do as utilize it safely. There are two types of batteries sorted by types of electrolyte: alkaline batteries and acid batteries.

Elements, which are unusable, become waste. It must be recycled. Such elements couldn’t be thrown away together with domestic waste. As batteries like these get into the dump, they start to decay and send heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, zinc, lead and others. All these substances can get into the plants, then into the animals and human organisms. They can cause some serious diseases.

We can offer special purchase prices and conditions for the companies and individual persons which bring huge amounts of waste.

You can contact our manager for more information: +370 699 17687