The purchase of metal scrap

Non-ferrous metal scrap and ferrous metal scrap are purchased in different amounts by Metal invest, UAB from the companies, organizations and people.

Types of purchased metal scrap:

  • ferrous metal scrap;
  • non-ferrous metal scrap;
  • sheet metal scrap;
  • sheet metal scrap of coachwork;
  • various metal equipment;
  • appliances and their components;
  • metal encasement;
  • cables and constructions.

Metal scrap is purchased following the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Conditions of payment: the price of metal scrap is counted by weight, the category of metal and available purchase tariffs on that day. It is paid by Euros by bank transfer or in cash immediately.

We can offer special prices of purchase and conditions for the companies and individual persons which bring the huge amounts of waste.

For residents:

On 12th December, 2013, the Parliament enacted the law No. XII – 663, modifying Personal Income Tax law. It changed statements concerning Personal Income Tax practice of tariff trading in non-precious metals scrap.

It was established that 5 per. tariff of Personal Income Tax is applied to income which is got when you sold something or made non – precious metals scrap over in a different way as well as possibility to appeal for the re-count of Personal Income tax is abolished.

The change is applied to counting and declaring 2014 and later taxing period income.


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