Purchase of catalyst and noble metals

Catalyst scrap found in the motoring vehicles. The price of catalyst scrap depends on the price in the exchange and the amount of noble metals inside the catalyst.

We purchase the catalysts of used vehicles and their scrap in a high price in whole of Lithuania.
We accomplish the research of catalyst compose quickly and free.
Seeking to satisfy our customers, we use new and expensive equipment for analysis on catalysts composition so as to determine your catalysts composition precisely and to make an offer of real price for your item by exchange of that day.
We purchase small and huge amounts.
We pay in cash or by transfer immediately.
We can offer special prices and conditions of purchase for the companies and individual persons which bring huge amounts of waste.
Here you can find the calculator of catalysts price: Calculator.


We also purchase noble metals – scrap of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium and their alloys and compounds.